Chef Bannan began his work at The Center Club in 1994 and was promoted to Executive Chef in 1998 after a two-year intense work experience in Vail, Colorado’s finest Continental Restaurant. The Center Club’s members benefit from Chef Bannan’s ever-evolving menu which is inspired by his use of pristine seasonal products and organic vegetables, prepared with French technique and finesse. Chef Bannan’s focus on balancing intense individual flavors and textures has resulted in the creation of many signature dishes.

Chef Bannan received his formal training at Baltimore’s International Culinary Institute and began his professional career as the Sous Chef at Angelina’s Restaurant. Chef Bannan continues to expand his more than 20 years of knowledge of new and innovative techniques through various stagés in well-known restaurants. Most prominently, Chef Bannan worked alongside master chefs Wolfgang Puck and Charlie Trotter at one of the finest restaurants in the world, Charlie Trotter’s Restaurant in Chicago.